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Steven Mar 24 Moonfruit news / Announcements

I wanted to take this opportunity to provide an update of the current development work we are carrying out here at Moonfruit as we haven’t released any new features for the last few months.

The team has been working on improving the underlying services which are the foundations of the Moonfruit experience. Here are some examples of projects our development team have worked on the past 6 months and are due for release in the next two quarters:

  • Work behind the scenes to improve uptime/availability
  • Introduction of a new and improved support centre to enable customers to better navigate to the information and help they need.
  • Introduction of a new billing platform, to ensure safe, secure and reliable billing of subscriptions and domain purchases, and to align to changes in EU VAT legislation
  • Brand new domains interface to improve the experience of purchasing and managing your domains

Whilst security, stability and quality are things which are taken for granted in a modern digital world, they take a lot of careful development to ensure. We’ve been working extremely hard to make sure we’ve got these well covered.

That said, going forward our focus will be back to the editor, delivering those long awaited features such as membership and image gallery and more. We appreciate your patience in the meantime, we will make a more conscious effort to communicate the work we are undergoing, even if it is less exciting than hoped.

Steven October 30, 2014 Moonfruit news / Announcements

This release will include the addition of the following functionality:

  •  Promo Codes (V6 only): you can now add promo codes to your Moonfruit shop. There are three types available including percentage, fixed amount, or free shipping. You can read more in our FAQ:
  •  Google maps Snidget (V6 only): It is now easier than ever to add a Google map to your site. You can read the FAQ here:

The software update is now live, you may need to log out of your account then back in to see the changes.

Please note: you must update your shop for your customers to be able to use promo codes. You can update you shop using these steps:

  • Log in to edit your site
  • navigate to the shop page
  • select the shop component (single click)
  • In the floating editor, click the 'Update' tab and click on 'Update widget


  • Repeat the above steps for each shop component (although it should be only the 'Shopping cart' and Sale 'confirmation' components that need updated), each can be accessed from the small drop down option (pictured below)



Amita October 30, 2014 FAQs / ShopBuilder

Just in time for Christmas, we are introducing promo codes to the Moonfruit shop. Promo code implementation in the shop allows you to provide broad discounts to your site visitors or to run specific promotions for loyal customers.

What kind of codes can I add?

  • Percentage: This allows you to reduce your customers product cost by a set percentage (shipping costs not included in discount)
  • Fixed Amount: As its name suggests this function allows you to set an exact discount amount
  • Free Shipping: encourage purchases with free shipping costs

Add promo codes/coupons to your shop is as easy as…

1. Login to your Moonfruit site editor and click on ‘Shop’ > ‘Settings’. On the left hand side you will see an option that says ‘Promo Codes’. Select this. Click on ‘Add Promo Code’. 


2. In this area you’ll give your promo code a name. It will appear as a description in the checkout process. So, for example, if you are running a winter sale for 10% off, you might want to call it ‘Winter Sale.’ You will also have to create an actual promo code. We’re using ‘WIN10’ for example purposes (if it is an offer for specific customers you may want to make these a little more complicated).

3. After this, you can select the type of discount you wish to offer. There are three types available: percentage, fixed amount, or free shipping. You can also enter a minimum spend if you wish. If you choose to use this function, promo codes will only be valid once the basket has reached the minimum value.


4. You’re almost there – click ‘Create’ and your promo code will be saved. Promo codes are active by default. If you wish to deactivate a promo code until you are ready to run a campaign, you can disable it by unticking ‘enabled’.


5. If you log out of your site and open the ‘Shop’ page, you should now see a promo code field under your product list on the ‘Shopping cart’ page.


6. If you don’t see this, you may have to update the shopping cart template. To do this, select the shopping cart template on the ‘Shop’ page (you will need to log back into the Moonfruit editor to do this). Then click the ‘Update’ tab in the floating editor panel. Now select ‘Update template’. You should now see the promo code field in your shop design.

How do users use promo codes?

It’s simple. You’ll first need to share the active promo code that you’ve created. You can do this by emailing customers, advertising it on your homepage as a limited time offer, using social channels to communicate or even direct mail. Once a customer has your promo code, they will have to enter it into the promo code field when they are ready to check out. They can then hit ‘Apply’ and the discount should appear just above the total. Customers can then checkout as they normally would.

Please note that promo codes work on desktop view only. If you have mobile-optimised your website, the promo code field will not appear on mobiles. It’s also not possible to use promo codes in Facebook shops at this time.

Andy September 4, 2013 Moonfruit news / Announcements

OK. You may have noticed a little update this morning. 

Any users out there who hadn’t checked out the delights of v6 via our EAP (Early Access Preview), now have the option to convert directly through a button in your site. 

Just in case you don’t know, v6 is the next stage in the development of our software.  Based in HTML5, it makes it possible to view your website on smart phones and tablets, just as you would on your desk top.

So, what to do?

Well, before you go ahead and take the plunge, please read the following instructions carefully…

How to migrate to v6


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