What are Shapes for?

What aren't they for? Well, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but they are pretty useful for design and as image crops.

To use them:

Login to your site and go to ‘Insert’-> ‘Shapes’.


Picked your shape?

OK. Well, as you can see you can drag, drop and stretch the shape in the usual way.

And, with the shape still selected, head over to the ‘Editor’-> ‘Styles’ to choose for a range of styles for the main body and border including changes to colour and gradient fills:


It’s here that you can also set the shape up as an image tool.

So, if you choose ‘Image fill’ from the drop down menu, then ‘Edit’.


You can browse to the image you want to use and apply an ‘Alt tag’ to describe what we are looking at.



Then, further along you have your ‘Effects’.


And the option to apply ‘Links’.


Go Shapes!

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