How do I use the rulers and guidelines?

Login to your site, go to ‘Edit’ on the top tool bar, ‘Rulers and guides’ on the left hand tool bar, and select ‘Show rulers’.

OK. Now, you’ve enabled the feature, it’s time to add the guidelines to the page. To do that just click on the horizontal and vertical rulers and drag onto the page.

See the lovely green lines?


So, what are they useful for?

Basically, they act as a guide for planning your page layout, so you can position and align text, images and other content with precision.

For example, say you have several text boxes on the page and want them all to line up; you could use the guidelines to create content starting points.

You can also ‘snap’ content to the lines.


Wait, what?

This makes the lines act like they’re magnetic, so any content you move near them sticks and you don’t have fiddle around moving the objects manually.

You can turn that on or off too through ‘Edit’-> ‘Rulers and guides’-> ‘Snap to guides’.

Note: Grouped content wont snap. It only works for individual objects.

And, when you’re finished designing or just want to start over, you can remove the guidelines through ‘Edit’-> ‘Rulers and guides’-> ‘Clear guides’.

And, there you go. As we said, simple but very useful for creating great designs.

Note: This feature is only available in v6, so you will have to migrate to use it. Want to take a look at all the other good reasons to make the jump?

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