Editing the menu

Go to ‘Page master’ and select your menu.

Note: If you haven't got a menu on the page, you can add a new one through 'Insert'-> 'Menu'.


Reposition and scale 

While the menu is selected, you can drag and drop it anywhere within the ‘Page master. And, like a text box, you can re-scale just by clicking the square ‘points’ with your cursor. 

Through the Editor-> Set up, there is an option to actually switch the orientation of your menu.


So, a vertical menu can become…



You can increase or decrease the space between text through the ‘Gap’, ‘Padding’ and ‘Width’ fields.


‘Fit to text’ crops the box around the text. And apply the settings to all page types, through the ‘All pages’ drop down menu.



The place to go to change the font in your menu. Just click the + sign to open up the font panel, choose from the list and ‘OK’.


Of course you also get the usual options to change the size, justify, and make the text bold, italic or underline.



It’s here that you can set the colours for the menu in various states.


Normal, rollover and selected. 

It also allows you to add a borders to the tabs themselves and soften the outline of those borders.


You can’t change the written text here, but you can change the page names through Pages-> Organise pages. or by double clicking the menu.

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