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do all the packages include e-commerce

asked this on December 4, 2013, 21:46

I have one product and 3 pages what is the best package for me? Do the packages include e-commerce so the customer can buy the product?

By the term 'shop' does that mean e-commerce? allowing the customer to buy the product?



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Yes, you can have a shop which is integrated with Paypal, but your customers do not have to be signed up Paypal themselves, they can use the credit/debit card facility which Paypal offers as well.  You can have a free shop but it would carry moonfruit branding.  See the Pricing page for all the options:  You get a 14 day free trial period to see whether the shop facilities suit your purposes, and you can either stay free after that, or sign up to a paid account.  HTH.

December 4, 2013, 22:59