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Why doesn't my embedded Google calendar display in Internet Explorer?

asked this on February 24, 2012, 19:36

I have an embedded Google calendar on my site, and recently one of the calendars displayed, (there are two), keeps disappearing from the embedded calendar. Now I have been building another site, in which I have also been trying to embed a calendar and that is proving problematic as well, but as a result of trying to track down what is going on, I have noticed that I can get the Number-Seventeen calendar stable in Firefox 10, which is what I use all the time, but when I viewed using Internet Explorer 9, there were no entries in the embedded calendar. I know there are issues with Opera, but even that is not displaying in its quirky way. I've not tried Chrome. I have read the HTML Widgets & Internet Explorer topic, but as far as I can tell, my calendar has no scrollbars.

I know some of my problems are probably at the Google end, but I am very worried about the incorrect display in IE, as this will obviously be the default browser for most people viewing my sites, and the calendar information is crucial.





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Hi Dudley,

Your calendar appears to be displaying correctly on IE for me at the moment. Could you please send us some screenshots so we can see what it looks like from your end?


February 25, 2012, 10:25
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Hi Antoine

Enclosed are a couple of screen grabs, one of which is what I suspect you are seeing in Internet Explorer which is basically a blank calendar. The other is the same page in Firefox which now contains the information which should be displayed and hopefully now you see my problem, unless you are seeing all the information.

Because I use Firefox all the time myself, I had no idea this was going on as you might expect the problem to be the other way round as IE is the more common browser. I have not checked Chrome or Safari yet, but  do know that Opera, which usually displays the calendar albeit below where it should be, also displays a blank calendar. I'm getting no help thus far on Google forums.



February 25, 2012, 14:38
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I have had this exact same problem and the only workaround for the google calendar issue is to make it public in the google calendar options. It can not be displayed in a frame when it is not public. Hope this helps

February 25, 2012, 15:53
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Thanks sophysdad

I'll just copy in a reply I gave to Antoine via a support ticket, and yes, you were essentially correct about the sharing.


Hi Antoine

You were correct on both counts. Even though I had made sure I had no Google related tabs up in Firefox, and the Google toolbar says sign in, not sign out, something is constantly signed into my Google account thus allowing Firefox to correctly display the calendar. Using Internet Explorer which has no Google toolbar to confuse things, the calendar was not displaying the information.

Now in respect of your second point, the sharing options for the calendars, the calendars were set to be shared but only the free/busy information, which has worked perfectly well up to now, or so I thought, (with reference to my Firefox/Google situation). By un-ticking the "share only free/busy information" box, the calendars are now displaying in my Google free Internet Explorer and hopefully in all the other browsers.

Hopefully this may have also cured another problem, which prompted me to delve into this which was, at random periods one of the calendars would disappear off the embedded calendar. I wait with baited breath.

What I am ideally trying to do is have an embedded calendar on each of my two sites, one for each holiday property, but they only display two calendars each relevant to that property, out of the four that I can access with my logged in Google calendar or via Thunderbird/Lightning. Could there be a conflict between the two sites embedded calendars because they are using two different html codes generated from the common Google account calendar. Apologies, I know this is really a Google question, but I have had no responses on their forum to my questions.

Thanks again


February 25, 2012, 19:06