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Steven Oct 17 Moonfruit news / Known issues [OPEN]

Facebook has updated its shop API (application programming interface), this means that our users are currently unable to link their shop to Facebook. Our developers are working to develop a fix for this issue and will deploy an update as quickly as possible.

Its worth noting that if you have already set up your shop with Facebook then it should continue to work as intended.

We appreciate your patience while we resolve this issue.

Steven Jul 16 Moonfruit news / Announcements

This release will include the addition of the following functionality:

  • HTML snippets in the Blog: you will now be able to add iframe HTML snippets to blog posts, enabling the addition of video content, slide shows, maps etc.
  • Insert 'Menu' option: you will be able to add a 'Menu' page from the 'Insert' toolbar (menu no longer hidden in the widget folder)
  • Alt tags for image-filled shapes: Alt-tag text can now be added to image-filled shapes (as they can currently be with inserted images)

We will be rolling out the update to the software on Thursday, 17 July 2014. Although no disruption to service is anticipated, we recommend that users save any changes regularly and advise customers to hit refresh on their browsers to ensure they have the latest version.

Andy September 04, 2013 Moonfruit news / Announcements

OK. You may have noticed a little update this morning. 

Any users out there who hadn’t checked out the delights of v6 via our EAP (Early Access Preview), now have the option to convert directly through a button in your site. 

Just in case you don’t know, v6 is the next stage in the development of our software.  Based in HTML5, it makes it possible to view your website on smart phones and tablets, just as you would on your desk top.

So, what to do?

Well, before you go ahead and take the plunge, please read the following instructions carefully…

How to migrate to v6


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