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Setting up email accounts - difference between mailbox and alias?

asked this on July 17, 2012 10:48

Hi there.  

We have just registered a domain name and are about to set up email accounts.  I have read the FAQ but I'm slightly confused by the difference between mailboxes and aliases.

We need to set up an info@ account and two accounts for each designer (let's call them name1@ and name2@).  I realise that if I set up a mailbox which is info@ and have the two designers emails as aliases then they will both receive the info emails - which is great.  But we need their email accounts to be independent, both having logins etc, and not receiving each others emails.  Will that be the case?  Or should I set up mailboxes for both the name1@ and name2@ accounts?  In which case how would I set them up to receive the info@ emails as well.

Any advice you could offer would be great.

Thank you.



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You get 5 mail boxes per domain.
Each mail box has a primary email address e.g. However, you can also add secondary email address to the mail boxes. These are called aliases and simply redirect mail to the primary address/mail box.



July 17, 2012 15:34
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Create a Mailbox

A mailbox is like a postal mailbox - this is where your mail is delivered to and you can retrieve (or send) it.

So to set up a mailbox follow these steps from the Email & Settings section:

  • Click Create a new mail box
  • Add a mailbox name (we add the @ and your domain name and confirm it at the bottom)
  • Create a password and confirm in the following field (NB. this is your Mailbox Password only)
  • Click Create
  • Your Mailbox is now set up  

I have a problem:

My domain:

I can't create Mail Box :

"Unfortunately there has been an error, Please try again"

The symbol@ Not work.

The symbol @ Not work in your servidor.

February 10, 2013 01:41
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How do we know which is the primary email and which is the alias? I can't remember when I created the boxes.

February 13, 2013 19:15
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You can check which addresses are primary addresses by following these few steps: In edit mode > Domains > Manage > Email & settings > Second drop down menu > Here you should see a list of your primary addresses. 

Kind regards, 


February 14, 2013 10:06
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Ah okay thank you.

February 14, 2013 14:40